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Connected NEWS2 e-vitals help to save lives


Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of the first in the UK to have installed fully compliant, integrated NEWS2 e-vital signs devices integrated with the Electronic Patient Record (EPR), helping caregivers detect and respond to patients at risk of deterioration quicker.

Staff no longer have to transcribe observations onto a paper chart and leave the patient to manually enter this data into a separate PC to calculate the early warning score. All of this can now be done quickly at the bedside via Mindray VS-900 monitors. By removing manual, time-consuming steps, caregivers can now identify and act on subtle signs of patient deterioration immediately, helping to enhance patient outcomes and release nursing time back to care.

“This is patient safety at its best… Our system is now live, and we already have some very positive statistics to show its usage and the benefits it is already giving to supporting patient safety and care.”

Janet Young, Head of Digital Programme Delivery at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals


The Solution



Caregivers now have the confidence that complete sets of patient observations and accurate NEWS2 scores are documented at the bedside, and are immediately visible from any computer in the Trust. This in turn allows for faster identification of patient deterioration, enabling a timely response, rapid intervention and delivery of better care and outcomes.

Mindray’s ability to produce such a significant software change, accommodating NEWS2 on the VS-900, in record time, was an impressive achievement – a fact that was recognised by the Trust, which has led to a high degree of customer satisfaction. For a project that would normally be rolled out over a period of months, Mindray and the Trust’s project delivery team went the extra mile to achieve NEWS2 compliance, which will have a positive impact on patient care. Susan Birch, Project Manager at the Trust, praised the dedication of the whole team to “deliver what was promised, on time and within scope.

“We can now state for certain that all observations have a correctly calculated NEWS2 score.”

Vicky Burton, Clinical Lead and Critical Care Outreach Practitioner


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Published October 31, 2019