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Employee Interview: Sales Manager for the South, PMLS

Kaushika has been one of Mindray UK’s rising sales stars since joining in 2015. Here she discusses her career progression, and promotion to Sales Manager for the South.

Kaushika has been one of Mindray UK’s rising sales stars since joining in 2015. Here she discusses her career progression, and promotion to Sales Manager for the South.


1.Why did you initially join Mindray?

My previous job was with another medical device company. I’d heard of Mindray but we weren’t a direct competitor so when I was approached about a sales role I was curious to find out more.

What really appealed about Mindray was the large portfolio and the company’s focus on innovation. Based on my own market knowledge I knew their product range aligned with a lot of hospital tenders and I could see they had huge potential in the London market. I had a real gut feeling to go for it, and I’m so glad I did!

2. How has your career progressed since joining?

I started as an Account Manager for the PMLS portfolio. It was a varied role that wasn’t just about sales. I learned a lot about Mindray’s services and how our specialist clinical, IT and service teams can support our customers. Gradually I became more familiar with project management and was playing a bigger role in growing our sales in the London area. I’ve received several awards for my performance from the UK and our HQ. I applied for the Sales Manager position in the autumn of 2022 and was awarded the role just before Christmas. It was a great end to the year!


3. What does your current role entail and how is it different to your previous one? 

As Sales Manager for the South, I’m working with our account managers in the area to grow their patches and develop their relationships with customers so we deliver what they need. We’re very focused on meeting targets, but we’ll only achieve them by looking after our customers and it’s something Mindray does extremely well.

Now that I lead and support a team, I’m really enjoying strategising with them and seeing their development. In stepping up to senior management I’ve had to change my way of thinking. I’m still driving sales and business growth, but I’m now focused on the bigger picture.


4. How have you developed yourself prior to starting your current role? 

Besides consistently growing my sales, I’d gained a lot of experience in the company, getting to know the culture, what the vision is, how Mindray approaches things, and how they treat people. Safe to say the culture suits me down to the ground and I’m proud to be part of the senior management team in the UK.

I’ve also crafted an approach to sales that really works for me and the company. People skills and relationship building are my strengths, and refining these has been critical to my success with customers, colleagues and business partners.


5. What is your proudest moment so far? 

I have to give two! In 2017 I had the highest sales on a global level. I got invited to a huge awards ceremony at our HQ in China. It was a milestone year for the company globally so there were thousands of people in the room. Collecting my award on stage in front of so many people was totally nerve-wracking, but luckily, I didn’t have to say anything!

Of course, I’m extremely proud to have become the Sales Manager for the South. In itself, it’s a big achievement, but being female, it feels extra special.


6. What have you gained from working at Mindray? 

A lot of confidence. I’ve learned some hard lessons, good and bad, but it’s made me resilient. Even with a recent promotion I can still see a career path ahead of me here, so I’m extra motivated to continue my development and push forward. I’ve always been ambitious, and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to develop new skills and take on bigger challenges at Mindray.


7. What key principles have guided you in your career and been key to your success? 

Sales is all about trust so I always make sure I’m as honest as possible, set realistic expectations, and stay true to myself. What you see is what you get! In this line of work you can face some big challenges, so I’ve had to work hard. It takes dedication, but when you see the results, and you see the difference we make to customers, it’s all worth it!


8. What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

I’ve got a big circle of friends and I love going out and meeting new people. I jump at the chance to travel to new countries as well. Asia and Europe are my ‘go to’ continents. After the pandemic, I got back into tennis. I’ve played before but I really want to improve my technique so I’ve joined a club and committed to lessons! Besides that, you can’t beat a good bit of TV with a glass of wine!


Published March 3, 2023