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Employee Interview: UK Accounting and Tax Manager

Anna Pinfold, Mindray's UK Accounting & Tax Manager discusses her career trajectory and the opportunities she’s taken.

Anna Pinfold, Mindray’s UK Accounting & Tax Manager discusses her career trajectory and the opportunities she’s taken.

1.Why did you initially join Mindray?

I’d worked at an accountancy firm for several years, but I wanted to move into industry. When I came across the European accounting role with Mindray, the international aspect really stood out. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to travel across the continent and work with colleagues in multiple countries.


2. How has your career progressed since joining?

I started off as an EU Accountant, so I reviewed costs and supporting documentation and payments with regional offices across the continent. We were their first point of call regarding any issues and worked closely with HQ to ensure the whole finance operation kept running smoothly.

As the EU accounting team grew, my experience meant I gradually took on more responsibility. That meant more problem solving – the part of finance I enjoy the most! It’s rewarding to think through different solutions and their knock-on effects to come up with the best answer.

I’d really enjoyed the international travel that came with my job, but after giving birth in 2022, I wanted to be at home as much as possible.

Around the time I returned to work, the UK Accounting & Tax Manager role became available. Even though it was a more senior role, my boss, Laura, really encouraged me to apply. She’s shown a lot of faith in me since I started and it is really because of her support I have progressed so far.


3. How is your current role different to your previous one?

Working in the UK’s accounting team is a very different function compared to Europe. Instead of reviewing, I’m getting stuck into the transactional, day-to-day finance, and helping departments manage their budgets. This is also my first time managing people, which has felt like a huge step, but I’m really lucky to have a highly skilled and reliable team.

On the whole, it’s a lot more responsibility but the change feels less daunting because I’m still part of the same company and surrounded by the same people. I know how the business works and who I can turn to for advice and support if I need it.


4. What’s been your proudest moment so far?

In 2019 I’d dealt with a much bigger workload as the company grew, so I was really proud when I discovered that the country managers across Europe had voted for me to win Employee of the Year. It meant a lot to get such recognition from peers!


5. What have you gained from working at Mindray?

I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of different people and experience so many other cultures by working in Mindray. I feel like that’s helped me grow both professionally and personally.

There have been some big challenges along the way, sometimes pushing me out of my comfort zone, but they’ve made me a lot more resilient. You can’t grow if you aren’t challenged! Stepping into a senior role, I’ve been pushing myself to refine my presentation style for briefings and enhance my interpersonal skills so I can communicate effectively with everyone.

Working in Mindray you feel like it’s a team effort. I’m part of a global company, but because there’s so much collaboration between the UK teams, as well as our European and HQ colleagues, it feels very supportive.


6. What key principles have guided you in your career and been key to your success?

Having the belief to back yourself and your opinions. If you believe in yourself, it’s much easier for others to! I’ve also tried to stay adaptable so I can explore alternative ways of working, test out new ideas, and, perhaps most importantly, learn from mistakes and bounce back.


7. What do you enjoy doing outside work?

I’ve loved playing Netball since I was in school. I’ve really gotten back into it over the last year and have joined a social group where we play every Monday – my position is Goal Attack. Besides that, my family comes first. I’m all about spending time with my partner, our son, and our cavapoo, Louie.

Published March 3, 2023