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Mindray launches new vital signs workstation for modern ward rounds

Leading medical device manufacturer Mindray has today, 5th February 2021, announced the UK launch of its latest vital signs workstation. 

Designed to help caregivers quickly achieve greater insight into patient health compared with traditional vital signs machines, the new VS9 vital signs workstation features fast, comprehensive monitoring, flexible workflow profiles and scalable connectivity options. 

To help enhance patient safety and clinical decision-making on ward roundsthe VS9 features an industryleading 30 manual parametersfor comprehensive data collection beyond vital signs. 

Rapid vital signs algorithms help make time for these manual parameters and ensure greater patent comfort, with 15-second BP readings and optional respiration rate taken via the SpO2 sensor. 

To further maximise clinical efficiency, the automatic NEWS2 early warning scoring system removes the need for manual calculation, presenting a clear picture of a patient’s status. As part of a connected workflow, caregivers can also compare EWS trends and historic data for a holistic insight into patient health. 

As the only vital signs device able to offer 10 customisable workflow profiles, caregivers using the VS9 can tailor bedside assessments to different departments or clinical tasks for greater clinical efficiency and compliance with patient safety guidelines. 

A new report on modern ward rounds issued by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and Royal College of Physicians (RCP) encourages this idea of flexible and comprehensive documentation, as Mindray’s clinical application manager Loren Venables comments: “The report highlights the need for the multidisciplinary team to maximise the time spent with patients and minimise interruptions or delays, in order to record accurate, quality data. It states that hospitals must aim for this workflow while recognising that ward rounds happen at different stages of a patient’s admission and may have different requirements.”

“The VS9 is uniquely suited to help hospitals align with this target, by providing custom workflow profiles for different rounds, extensive manual parameters, and rapid vitals that can be seamlessly uploaded and reviewed as part of a connected workflow.” 

Allowing greater compliance with healthcare directives, the VS9’s orthostatic blood pressure (BP) feature enables caregivers to easily follow guidelines for the most-commonly reported patient safety issue: falls. In line with current fall risk recommendations, an orthostatic BP score is calculated after a sitting and standing BP reading, displaying a clear positive or negative indicator of orthostatic hypotension.

The VS9’s connectivity options support two long-running NHS objectives: digitisation and interoperability. With vendor-neutral compatibility, the VS9 can connect to existing EPR systems to improve transcription processes, save time, and enhance patient care. 

To ensure greater data visibility, caregivers can monitor or interact with patient data on the VS9 remotely via Central Monitoring System. Mobile alerts can also be set up to help ensure a timely reaction to patient events.  

To cope with demanding daily use and sterilisation protocols, the workstation‘s robust design features 10” disinfectant-resistant touchscreen for simple wipe-down cleaning.

“Every feature of the VS9 has been designed to allow caregivers to do more, in less time,” said Jim Roberts, Mindray’s UK marketing manager. “It is more than a vital signs machine, with parameters and customisation options that allow caregivers to build a true-to-life picture of patient health, in a way that suits their workflow.” 

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Published February 5, 2021