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Selecting the right partner for the journey


Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

When Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust sought to standardise its patient monitoring systems it was driven by the aspiration to be paperless by 2020 and enhance safety with continuous visibility of data throughout the patient journey. Their search led them to Mindray’s solutions.

Salford began a comprehensive process for selecting a new patient monitoring supplier, with clinicians, procurement managers and technical experts, from all key departments. The trial was comprehensive and supplier’s products were trialled across theatres, intensive care and A&E. From the three suppliers Mindray was seen as the rank outsider, however: “By the end of the initial presentations, there was already a unanimous view that, in terms of the concept and capabilities, Mindray was a strong supplier” noted Satpal Singh, Medical Devices Manager. Most of the positive feedback received was regarding the image quality of the Mindray BeneVision N series solution, which was described as ‘absolutely fantastic’. One staff member even stated: ‘This will revolutionise the way the Trust monitors patients.’

“Any information that we gather on the patient journey should be deposited in one place using one platform. We wanted it from the front door of A&E all the way through to the theatres, recovery, intensive care and surgical wards.”

Satpal Singh, Medical Devices Manager, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust


The Solution

Mindray monitoring is now fully functional across 20 theatres, with the training and commissioning, provided by Mindray over a four week period. Consultant Anaesthetist, Dr Joe Sebastian, was among the key decisions makers and is delighted with both the products and service provided by Mindray: “The monitoring and compatibility is far superior to what we had,” he said. “The integration of various technologies into one monitor makes data easily visible and theatres tidier. “There is limited space in theatres and induction rooms, but because the Mindray solution is a modular system, this has helped us to save costs on accessories and enabled us to take out surplus equipment.”

Future Partnership

All patient monitoring in the ICU, A&E, EAU and heart care centre will be replaced in 2019 and Salford is also standardising to Mindray defibrillators. The final phase will be to standardise all general ward vital signs and ECG devices to Mindray, at which point Salford will be reaping the benefits of being a fully standardised Mindray hospital. With the support of Mindray, Salford will achieve its aspiration of connecting its monitors to their patient record system in 2019.



“The integration of various technologies into one monitor makes data easily visible and theatres tidier. By streamlining, all the solutions are available in one monitoring system – a benefit to clinicians and ultimately improving efficiency, safety and patient outcomes.”

Dr Joe Sebastian, Consultant Anaesthetist, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust



Through robust clinical, technical and pricing evaluations Mindray has impressed Salford to become the chosen supplier and long-term partner for the Trust. It is Mindray’s ongoing flexibility and responsiveness that continues to strengthen the relationship. Satpal concluded: “The partnership is a success. There’s nothing we’ve asked for that hasn’t been delivered. It ’s an extremely good relationship.”

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Published July 12, 2019