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Service partnership saves hospital thousands


Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Mindray’s service contract has saved Dorset County Hospital thousands on maintenance and provided welcome support for their small clinical engineering team.

As a long-term user of Mindray products and services, when it came time for Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to decide on how to service its fleet, the Trust went with its favoured supplier. Dorset County Hospital has a huge range of Mindray products, including ECGs, ultrasound machines, defibrillators, anaesthesia machines and patient monitors, all of which Mindray can service and repair. The contract has since generated huge savings for the Trust and provided welcome support for the hospital’s clinical engineering team.



Saving money with predictable costs

Between the start of 2018 and the end of 2020, Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has saved £27,212 on maintenance costs with Mindray’s service plan. With transparent pricing suited to its device requirements, Dorset County Hospital has been able to better predict their expenditure during this period; allowing the Trust to allocate funds more efficiently. Urgent, reactive repair work is often the most expensive form of maintenance, and the most disruptive to budgetary planning, which is why the service contract mitigates those costs in two key ways. By providing regular preventative maintenance work, the hospital’s systems are better protected against sudden downtime and urgent repairs, while the fixed costs provide a clearer picture of expenditure. By fixing costs and paying annually the Trust made the largest savings on consumables and associated labour, such as acquiring new batteries.


“We have a very knowledgeable team of engineers here, but we are a small team, so the extra manpower and expertise provided by Mindray ensures that all our preventative maintenance work is carried out, and that we receive support on issues where our team requires extra assistance. The service contract allows us to stay on top of our day to day schedules and gives us the confidence to work knowing we have guaranteed reliable support.”

Joy Moonjely, interim clinical engineering lead, Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


The solution





With predictable costs and a contract tailored to its needs, the service contract allows the Trust to protect its equipment investment, while the clinical engineering team benefits from regular preventative maintenance and accessible UK-based support.

Overall, Mindray’s blend of technical phone support, on-site assistance and remote IT support has provided peace of mind for both the Trust and the clinical engineering department. The partnership allows caregivers and engineers alike to carry out their daily work with minimal disruptions, safe in the knowledge their systems are protected.

Published May 18, 2021