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Connectivity & Integration

Connectivity & Integration

Mindray’s comprehensive connectivity solutions make digital patient data integration simple and accessible. By enabling accurate, automatic data transfer to your EPR helps hospitals improve staff productivity, enhance patient outcomes and reduce risk.

Photo of M-Connect


Unlock new healthcare possibilities with Mindray’s M-Connect, the complete connectivity solution designed to help you achieve your digital objectives and deliver future-proof…
Photo of BeneLink Module

BeneLink Module

The Mindray BeneLink module is a small plug-in device that unlocks the potential of your third-party bedside devices…
Photo of Central Monitoring System (CMS)

Central Monitoring System (CMS)

The Mindray Central Monitoring System (CMS) is a scalable solution that stores and distributes patient data from your…
Photo of eGateway


The Mindray eGateway integration manager provides a flexible, secure and cost-effective bi-directional communication bridge between Mindray medical devices…