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From premium to portable, Mindray offers a portfolio of solutions for all levels of ultrasound practice. Combining award-winning and unique technologies with dedicated and comprehensive UK support, Mindray is helping clinicians maximise the value of ultrasound imaging to improve patient care.

Photo of DC-70 Exp

DC-70 Exp

Developed alongside ultrasound professionals, the DC-70 ultrasound system with X-Insight is designed to deliver precision imaging at speed,…
Photo of TE7 ACE


With its superior image quality, simple touchscreen operation and class-leading intelligent tools, the TE7 ACE  is designed to…
Photo of TE9


The TE9 Ultrasound System is designed to expand the imaging capabilities available in anaesthesia, emergency, and critical care…
Photo of ME8


Greater image clarity and exceptional intelligence all packed into an ultra-light, compact laptop.
Photo of MX7


The MX7 from Mindray is an outstanding point of care ultrasound system, designed with direct input from customers,…
Photo of M9


The M9 is an innovative premium portable Ultrasound platform facilitating a wide range of clinical Ultrasound examinations that…
Photo of M8


A powerful ultrasound system in a compact portable unit.
Photo of M7 Premium

M7 Premium

The M7 Premium is the latest premium version of our best selling innovative portable Ultrasound platform, the award…
Photo of M6


The M6 is a cost effective version from our best selling M-Series range of portable Ultrasound scanners.
Photo of DP-50


The DP-50 is a very affordable choice from our best selling Hand Carried Portable Ultrasound range.