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BeneView T5

BeneView T5

Flexibility for intermediate care

The BeneView T5 offers a broad range of patient monitoring features well-suited for the mid to high acuity patient care environments.

Incorporating the features that make monitoring easier – a 12.1″ touchscreen display with optimal display visibility, quick-access menus, easy touch function keys, and multiple trend capabilities – the BeneView T5 was made with the clinical user in mind.

To meet the diverse needs of intermediate care units, the BeneView T5 offers a wide range of parameters and features to choose from, including multi-lead arrhythmia and ST analysis, 12-lead ECG interpretation and export, and up to 8 invasive blood pressures. For Theatres, T5 offers an optional Multi-Gas module, BIS technology, and integrated HL7 interface for EPR data export. T5 eases clinical workflow when paired with the T1 Transport Monitor/Module, by providing a multi-parameter module and transport monitor in one.

Key Features

  • 12.1″ high resolution touchscreen display
  • Familiar intuitive interface across BeneView family
  • Customisable screen views and quick keys for diverse patient and clinical settings
  • Comprehensive measurement set for intermediate to critical care environments
  • Supports T1 Transport Monitor/Module as a multi-parameter module
  • Extensive data storage capability for trend data, alarms, events, and 48 hours of full disclosure
  • Optional BeneLink Module for ventilator and anaesthesia machine data integration
  • Optional Multi-Gas module and BIS technology for Theatres
  • HL7 output standard
  • Up to 5.5 hour run time on battery
  • WiFi and ELAN network options