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Simple, accurate and fast ultrasound

With its superior image quality, fast boot up time and simple touchscreen operation, the TE7 supports clinicians with the speed and accuracy required for point of care ultrasound.

The TE7 features a 15” high resolution, anti-glare touchscreen display that is easy to use and responsive even with gloves and gel. The user-centred interface ensures immediate and precise operation on parameter adjustment, measurement and image review. Equipped with advanced functions and features, the TE7 can be customised to meet your needs, improving diagnostic confidence and operation efficiency.

With its compact footprint and sealed design, the TE7 is easy to store, transport and clean. The non-porous touchscreen is easily disinfected and secured with a 10 second screen locking feature for cleaning during exams. What’s more, as the TE7 is validated for use with 49 hospital-grade cleaning agents, users can be confident that one of their essential tools is built to withstand the rigors of demanding daily use.

The intuitive design and versatility of the TE7, make this the perfect solution for a variety of specialties including anaesthesia, pain management, emergency medicine, critical care and musculoskeletal examinations.


  • Intuitive user interface­
  • Responsive touchscreen even with gloves and gel
  • 15” high resolution, antiglare touchscreen
  • User-defined presets
  • 3 active transducer ports for easy on-screen selection
  • Boot-up from shut down in less than 25 seconds
  • Slim profile and compact footprint
  • Ergonomic cart
  • Sealed unit for effective infection control
  • Validated for use with 49 hospital-grade cleaning agents
  • 10 second screen locking feature for cleaning during exams
  • Wireless connectivity for seamless patient data transfer
  • 120 GB storage
  • 5-year warranty
  • Optional safe needling features including eSpacial NaviTM