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Photo of DC-70 Exp

DC-70 Exp

Developed alongside ultrasound professionals, the DC-70 ultrasound system with X-Insight is designed to deliver precision imaging at speed,…
Photo of BeneVision TM80

BeneVision TM80

The Mindray BeneVision TM80 II is a patient-worn telemetry monitor which enables the safe surveillance of ambulatory patients.
Photo of VS 9

VS 9

The Mindray VS 9 Workstation goes beyond vital signs to improve patient care, releasing the full potential of…
Photo of M-Connect


Unlock new healthcare possibilities with Mindray’s M-Connect, the complete connectivity solution designed to help you achieve your digital objectives and deliver future-proof…
Photo of BeneVision N1

BeneVision N1

The Mindray N1 is the heart of the BeneVision monitoring solution – a versatile bedside monitor, a multi-parameter…
Photo of SV300 Ventilator

SV300 Ventilator

The Mindray SV300 is a state-of-the-art ventilator that’s simple to configure, easy to operate, and versatile.
Photo of WATO EX-35


The Mindray WATO EX-35 anaesthesia machine combines familiar features with contemporary time-saving technology.
Photo of BeneLink Module

BeneLink Module

The Mindray BeneLink module is a small plug-in device that unlocks the potential of your third-party bedside devices…
Photo of BeneHeart D3 | D6

BeneHeart D3 | D6

Delivering fast and reliable defibrillation, the BeneHeart Platinum range assists rescuers in responding confidently and efficiently to medical…
Photo of BeneHeart R3

BeneHeart R3

The Mindray BeneHeart R3 electrocardiograph is exceptionally portable yet comes equipped with many of the features you would…
Photo of BeneHeart C Series

BeneHeart C Series

Mindray’s BeneHeart C Series is one of the fastest and most advanced Automated External Defibrillators (AED) on the…
Photo of BeneVision N17 | N15 | N12

BeneVision N17 | N15 | N12

With state-of-the-art screen technology, BeneVision N Series patient monitors deliver clear, multi-colour, wide-format displays to capture and review…
Photo of VS-900


From spot checks to continuous bedside monitoring, VS-900 not only measures NIBP, SpO2 and temperature, but also has…
Photo of TE7 ACE


With its superior image quality, simple touchscreen operation and class-leading intelligent tools, the TE7 ACE  is designed to…
Photo of SV600 | SV800 Ventilator

SV600 | SV800 Ventilator

Suitable for demanding hospital settings, Mindray’s SV600 and SV800 ventilators enable clinicians to set and deliver ventilation therapies…
Photo of WATO EX-65 | EX-65 Pro

WATO EX-65 | EX-65 Pro

With smart ventilator technology and enhanced monitoring capabilities, the Mindray WATO EX-65 anaesthesia machine makes it easier for…
Photo of TE9


The TE9 Ultrasound System is designed to expand the imaging capabilities available in anaesthesia, emergency, and critical care…
Photo of BeneHeart D1

BeneHeart D1

Mindray’s BeneHeart D1 Pro is a powerful automated external defibrillator (AED) that supports professional rescuers throughout the emergency…
Photo of BeneHeart R12

BeneHeart R12

The Mindray BeneHeart R12 electrocardiograph provides comprehensive functionality in a robust and portable device.
Photo of Central Monitoring System (CMS)

Central Monitoring System (CMS)

The Mindray Central Monitoring System (CMS) is a scalable solution that stores and distributes patient data from your…
Photo of BeneVision N22 | N19

BeneVision N22 | N19

At Mindray, we believe the best way to predict the future is to create it today.
Photo of ME8


Greater image clarity and exceptional intelligence all packed into an ultra-light, compact laptop.
Photo of VS-600


The VS-600 is the ideal portable vital signs monitor, allowing caregivers to confidently perform all the basic clinical…
Photo of ePM


Inspired by the needs of customers in the mid-acuity setting, the Mindray ePM patient monitor has been designed…
Photo of PM-60


The Mindray PM-60 is a miniature, lightweight device capable of spot-check and continuous monitoring of SpO2 and pulse…
Photo of MX7


The MX7 from Mindray is an outstanding point of care ultrasound system, designed with direct input from customers,…
Photo of M9


The M9 is an innovative premium portable Ultrasound platform facilitating a wide range of clinical Ultrasound examinations that…
Photo of M8


A powerful ultrasound system in a compact portable unit.
Photo of M7 Premium

M7 Premium

The M7 Premium is the latest premium version of our best selling innovative portable Ultrasound platform, the award…
Photo of M6


The M6 is a cost effective version from our best selling M-Series range of portable Ultrasound scanners.
Photo of DP-50


The DP-50 is a very affordable choice from our best selling Hand Carried Portable Ultrasound range.
Photo of eGateway


The Mindray eGateway integration manager provides a flexible, secure and cost-effective bi-directional communication bridge between Mindray medical devices…
Photo of A8


With appreciation for established ways of working, the Mindray A8 retains many traditional features while also introducing cutting-edge…
Photo of A9


The Mindray A9 represents the future of anaesthesia in a familiar and intuitive workstation design.