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Intuitive | Effortless | Advanced

By working closely with clinicians from all over the world, Mindray has recognised and overcome many of the challenges faced by the modern anaesthetist with new innovative and intuitive solutions. With this at the forefront of our development process, Mindray is pleased to offer the Mindray A7 Anaesthetic Workstation.

The new A7 assists the user by managing complex situations with intelligent and intuitive features and functionalities.

The A7 is presented with a full range of advanced controlled and support modes of ventilation, including:

  • Man / Spont’ mode.
  • Volume Controlled Ventilation (VCV).
  • Pressure Controlled Ventilation (PCV).
  • Synchronised Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation + VC (SIMV +VC).
  • Synchronised Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation + PC (SIMV +PVC).
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Ventilation with Pressure Support Ventilation (CPAP / PSupp).
  • Pressure Control with Volume Guarantee (PCV +VG).
  • Synchronised Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation + VG (SIMV +VG).

An advanced electronic fresh gas control supports precise and stable flow of all gases.

Concious of cost, the Mindray fresh gas Optimizer™ provides visual indication of safe and cost effective delivery of gases throughout the anaesthetic procedure.


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