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A9 Anaesthesia Workstation

Automatic control for pioneering performance

The Mindray A9 represents the future of anaesthesia in a familiar and intuitive workstation design. With industry-leading intelligent tools to automate clinical interventions and maintain patient safety processes, the A9 delivers pioneering performance in anaesthesia and ventilation.

Designed to help reduce the need for clinical interventions, the A9 can automatically adjust fresh gas and output from its electronic vaporiser to achieve target end-tidal agent and oxygen concentration levels.

Offering extended safe apnoeic oxygenation times and easier intubation for patients with poor oxygen saturation, the A9 also features integrated high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) technology.

Perioperative lung-protective ventilation is achieved through the A9’s volume exchanger (VE) and host of lung protection tools, allowing the anaesthesia device to deliver ICU-level ventilation for all possible patients.

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