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BeneHeart D6 | D3

BeneHeart D6 | D3

Powerful and Fast

Mindray strives for constant innovation to improve the clinical aspects of product performance. The new generation of technology platform enables Mindray to improve the performance of the BeneHeart defibrillators to meet changing clinician needs.

BeneHeart D3 and D6 give you a greater chance of success for those patients suffering cardiac arrest. It only takes 7.5 seconds to complete the whole defibrillation operation. Studies show that when a patient suffers cardiac arrest, success rates for defibrillation drop for every second between CPR and defibrillation shock. Every second counts for cardiac arrest patients.

In AED mode, BeneHeart defibrillators automatically analyse the rhythm and indicats whether or not a shockable rhythm is detected. Voice and text prompts guide you through the process. Voice recording (up to 180 minutes) is also available for case review.

Key Features

  • 4 in 1 design – Manual Defibrillation, AED, Multi-Parameter monitoring and Pacing
  • BTE (Biphasic Truncated Exponential) Technology with auto-compensation for patient impedance
  • Li-ion batteries deliver no fewer than 400 shocks at 360 Joules or 12 hours continuous monitoring or 9 hours continuous pacing
  • Full colour displays – 8.4inch BeneHeart D6 and 7 inch BeneHeart D3
  • Rapid charging – less than 3 seconds to 200 Joules and less than 7 seconds to 360 Joules (battery)
  • Multiple options on monitoring, including 12-lead ECG with Glasgow algorithm, SpO2, 2 x Invasive blood pressure, NIBP, 2 x temperature, C02. (BeneHeart D6)
  • Extensive trending – up to 24 hours ECG, 1000 events for each patient, up to 72 hours measured parameters, up to 60 minutes voice recording per patient
  • Powered ambulance Docking Station for secure mounting and charging
  • 1 GB data storage
  • HL7 enabled
  • Wired and wireless communications to Central Stations and beyond

*Mindray provides three SpO2 options, Mindray, Masimo and Nellcor. For further information please contact your Mindray Account Manager

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