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Central Monitoring System (CMS)

Central Monitoring System (CMS)

A better vision of care

The Mindray Central Monitoring System (CMS) redefines clinical surveillance, providing a complete view of the patient healthcare journey to meet ever increasing standards of efficiency and digitisation.

Mindray’s Central Monitoring System is a powerful and scalable solution allowing continuous, real-time surveillance across networks large and small. The system can display patient information from networked monitors, wireless transport solutions, telemetry transmitters, defibrillators and even third-party devices, such as infusions pumps and anaesthetic machines, connected via Mindray’s BeneLink module.

The Central Station server also makes information accessible beyond the central nursing station or centralised monitoring centre through Workstations, ViewStations, and even smartphones (through Mobile Viewer), to optimise clinical productivity.

Bi-directional communications with ADT and third-party electronic patient record (EPR) systems are streamlined with the Mindray eGateway Integration Engine.

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