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BeneVision CMS

BeneVision CMS

A Better Vision of Care

The everyday routines of modern hospitals call for ever higher efficiency and place more demanding requirements on clinical diagnosis. BeneVision Central Monitoring System (CMS) is the ideal tool to meet these requirements and redefine versatile clinical surveillance.

The Mindray BeneVision Central Station is a powerful and scalable solution providing for continuous, real-time surveillance across networks large and small. The system can display patient information from networked monitors, wireless transport solutions, and telemetry transmitters across the hospital enterprise, locally and remotely.

BeneVision Central Station also makes information accessible beyond the central nursing station or centralised monitoring centre through BeneVision Workstation, ViewStation and even smartphones (through Mobile Viewer)  to optimise clinical productivity.

Bi-directional communications with ADT and EPR solutions are streamlined with the Mindray eGateway Integration Engine.

Key Features

  • BeneVision Central Station

    • PC-based or fully virtual
    • Support for up to 64 monitoring devices
    • Up to 4 displays – either 5:4 or 16:9 ratio
    • 240 hours Full Disclosure
    • 240 hours trend
  • BeneVision Work Station

    • PC based
    • Up to 4 displays – either 5:4 or 16:9 ratio
    • Remote terminal with interactive capability
    • Assign specific patients or devices from CS
    • Full data review
  • BeneVision View Station

    • PC based
    • Large format display support
    • Remote terminal with view-only capability
    • Assign any patient or device from the network
  • BeneVision CMS Viewer

    • Client software for PC and laptop
    • Access any device within the network
    • View waveforms in real time
  • BeneVision Mobile Viewer

    • Supports up to 200 hand-held devices (Android)
    • Select patients or devices to view
    • View waveforms in real time
  • Mindray eGateway

    • HL7 Integration Manager
    • PC-based or virtual
    • Connects up to 200 Mindray devices to network-based EPR systems
    • A/D/T integration
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