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BeneVision N1

BeneVision N1

Never miss a beat!

The Mindray N1 is the heart of the BeneVision monitoring solution – a versatile bedside monitor, a multi-parameter module and a powerful transport monitor – all in one. Combining intelligent monitoring technology with a clinically tested workflow, the N1 provides continuity of care and data throughout the entire patient journey.

With the platinum multi-parameter platform, the N1 provides enhanced data analysis for ECG, respiration, SpO2, NIBP, IBP and temperature, thus significantly improving data accuracy and reducing interference between these parameters.

Weighing less than 1kg, this highly portable unit makes transfers between multiple locations within the hospital seamless and efficient. When the N1 is connected to one of Mindray’s large high-definition displays, clinicians are provided with an expansive range of parameters and clinical decision tools.

The N1’s optional fully integrated sidestream etCO2 module can monitor patients expired CO2, meaning there is no need to add additional modules for transporting patients, particularly those who are intubated.

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