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BeneVision N22 | N19

BeneVision N22 | N19

Always in Sight, Always in Mind

At Mindray, we believe the best way to predict the future is to create it today. We’re thinking how to help you save your time in order to treat more patients effectively, focusing on clinical safety and efficiency.

Now for the first time in the world, the BeneVision patient monitor rotates between landscape and portrait. You have both higher and wider clinical views when patient care demands them.

Parameter modularity allows you flexibility in patient care and makes the most of your equipment investment.

iView module combines a powerful, embedded PC and the patient monitor in the same unit. The innovative design optimises cooling without the need for a fan. Ultra-compact main unit and big screen can be used as a combined unit or separated to make use of the rotating screen feature.

To further improve patient care, the BeneVision patient monitor can help simplify decision making during complex procedures, with intelligent support. A range of Clinical Assistive Applications (CAAs) support clinicians in a variety of ways, including identifying sepsis early, achieving optimal anaesthesia, and monitoring deterioration with early warning scores.

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