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M7 Premium

M7 Premium

Portable | Advanced | Specialist

The M7 Premium is the latest premium version of our best selling innovative portable Ultrasound platform, the award winning M7.

The lightweight M7 Premium scanner provides excellent high level performance across a wide range of clinical ultrasound examinations and features advanced signal processing with dedicated echo-technology.

The easy to operate control panel enhances workflow, speed and accuracy of examinations for professional practitioners in General, MSK and ObGyn imaging including 3D/4D  and Cardiac echo scanning.

Key Features

  • 15” Display Screen
  • mQuadro imaging architecture
  • Mindray Single Crystal and 3T Transducer technology
  • Ultra wide-band Contrast Imaging
  • Quick boot up and long Battery power
  • Natural Touch Elastography
  • Smart Track
  • iNeedle™
  • Complete Vascular solutions
  • iTouch
  • iZoom
  • Echo Boost
  • Quantification and Analysis tools
  • Seamless wireless access and USB ports
  • Full height adjustable trolley cart
  • Up to 3 active transducer ports
  • Strong Travel case
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