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Portable | Premium | Precise

The M9 is an innovative premium portable Ultrasound platform facilitating a wide range of clinical Ultrasound examinations that in the past would have been carried out on a Premium Cart-based machine.

The M9 is extremely user friendly, the control panel enhances workflow, speed and accuracy of examinations. Premium capability in an easily portable system for Radiology, Vascular, Cardiac and Point of Care imaging.

Advanced technologies such as mQuadro architecture and Single Crystal transducer technology provides the Clinician with the ability to image a wide range of patient sizes. Diagnostic confidence is maximised in the most challenging clinical situations.

Key Features

  • mQuadro imaging architecture
  • Mindray Single Crystal and 3T Transducer technology
  • Ultra wide-band Contrast Imaging
  • Quick boot up and long Battery power
  • Natural Touch Elastography
  • HR Flow
  • iNeedleâ„¢
  • Complete Vascular solutions
  • iTouch
  • iZoom
  • Echo Boost
  • Quantification and Analysis tools
  • Seamless wireless access and USB ports
  • Full height adjustable trolley cart
  • Up to 3 active transducer ports
  • Strong Travel case
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