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Simple | Flexible | Intelligent

With its superior image quality, simple touchscreen operation and class-leading intelligent tools, the TE7 ACE  is designed to simplify and speed-up ultrasound examinations. Suitable for demanding point-of-care environments such as Critical Care, Emergency and Anaesthetics.

The TE7 ACE features a 15” high resolution anti-glare touchscreen display that is easy to use and responsive even with gloves and gel.

With built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the TE7 ACE can maximise performance with lung examinations, fluid management, cardiovascular evaluation and needle guidance.

Built for demanding daily use, the TE7 ACE is validated with all leading UK cleaning agents and features a non-porous lockable touchscreen that is easy to secure and disinfect between each patient.

To further streamline the examination process, Mindray’s TE7 ACE can connect seamlessly to the hospital’s Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system, providing a complete and comprehensive patient record whilst reducing transcription errors.

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