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Clarity and control

The TE9 Ultrasound System is designed to expand the imaging capabilities available in anaesthesia, emergency, and critical care environments.

A large clear touchscreen, superior imaging and intelligent diagnostic tools allow the TE9 to support clinical efficiency and diagnostic confidence in high acuity settings, providing clarity where it matters most.

When part of a connected workflow, the TE9 represents a future-proof point of care ultrasound solution that can be deployed quickly and reliably – supporting clear and reproduceable results.


From the precise imaging capabilities and smart analysis tools, to the large screen and ergonomic design, the TE9 is designed to deliver clear insights into a patient’s condition, supporting confident clinical decision making.

Superior imaging and transducer technology enable quick and precise diagnoses in various clinical scenarios. With a 21.5”
high-definition screen, clinicians have a clear and confident view from anywhere in the exam room.

Smart automation tools such as Smart IVC (Inferior Vena Cava), Smart VTI (Velocity Time Integration), Smart B-Line, Auto GA
(Gastric Antrum), and Smart FHR OB1 (Fetal Heart Rate in the first trimester), can help boost exam efficiency and

To conform with a high-acuity environment’s robust disinfection protocols, the TE9 offers voice control, comprehensive disinfection capabilities and paperless working. The iVocal voice system allows hands-free user commands, the screen-lock feature helps with simple wipe-down cleaning, and Mindray’s eGateway integration application allows patient data to be sent straight from the bedside to the electronic patient record.

When linked with Mindray’s eGateway solution the TE9 can seamlessly connect to the hospital’s network, enabling clinicians to easily and securely access patient information and send exam’s information, images, and reports to the EPR system.

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