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VS 9

VS 9 Vital Signs Workstation

Beyond vital signs for better patient care

The Mindray VS 9 Workstation goes beyond vital signs to improve patient care, releasing the full potential of bedside assessments.

With fast, comprehensive parameters, flexible workflow options and scalable connectivity, clinicians are empowered to deliver high-quality bedside care to each and every patient.

Bedside assessments using the Mindray VS9

From routine observations and early warning scoring, to falls assessment and pain scales, the VS 9 helps reduce manual transcription and errors, enhancing nursing efficiency and patient safety in low-acuity environments.

With 15-second BP readings and respiration rate taken via the SpO2 sensor, the VS 9 delivers rapid, comfortable vital signs, allowing caregivers to get more done in less time.

To further streamline assessments and support consistent, quality care, the vital signs workstation offers a range of customisable workflow profiles to suit your patient groups, departments or clinical tasks.

For greater visibility and faster clinical responses, the VS 9 can connect to Mindray’s Central Monitoring System whilst also integrating seamlessly to your existing Electronic Patient Records (EPR).

Created with longevity in mind, the VS 9 is robust, easy-to-clean and simple to maintain. With M-IoT Device Manager software, clinical engineers are provided with complete visibility of their fleet.


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