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WATO EX-65 | EX-65 Pro

WATO EX-65 | EX-65 Pro

Intuitive design for effortless performance

With smart ventilator technology and enhanced monitoring capabilities, the Mindray WATO EX-65 anaesthesia machine makes it easier for clinicians to manage a wide range of patient types, from neonate to bariatrics. Together with its intuitive user interface, the WATO-EX65 blends performance and simplicity to meet all your surgical needs.

Within a small footprint, clinicians benefit from modular scalability with advanced ventilation modes, integrated gas analysis, an optional drive gas auto switch and a spirometry loops screen.

The high-resolution full-colour touchscreen supports informed decision-making through clearly displayed graphical and numerical data. Combined with its intuitive user interface, the WATO EX-65 reduces the amount of interaction required, streamlining your workflow and allowing you to focus on your patients.

Through HL7, the WATO EX-65 can seamlessly connect to third-party Electronic Patient Records (EPR) and other clinical information systems, helping inform clinical decisions and enhance efficiency.

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