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As a global medical technology provider Mindray takes it responsibility as a partner to the NHS, caregivers and patients very seriously.

Immediately after the Covid-19 outbreak occurred in China, Mindray Medical undertook emergency measures to ensure the company’s ability to maintain fundamental operations and continue providing essential products and services to customers.

The whole team at Mindray UK is working tirelessly to support and empower the NHS, healthcare professionals and all those impacted by Covid-19.  It remains our mission to make the most advanced healthcare technology accessible to all.

In response to huge demand, Mindray has increased its supply of products in patient monitoring, point-of-care ultrasound and ventilation as well as essential consumables. As always, our dedicated technical and clinical support team remain available to customers whether this be in person or remotely over the phone.

> Mindray UK’s Business Continuity Statement


Mindray were one of the first responders during the outbreak in January. To date, we have donated over 4.71 million USD’s worth of medical devices to designated medical institutions in Hubei Province. Across China, Mindray has provided over 50,000 medical devices in record time to support the increased demand due to COVID-19.


Mindray Solutions 

ePM Patient Monitor

A flexible and smart monitoring solution for demanding hospital settings. Available as a compact version with fixed parameters and a modular version with expandable parameters.

To speed up supply, Mindray has simplified the configurations on the ePM.

For more information visit our ePM solution page


TE7 Ultrasound System

TE7 ACE equipped with its AI-powered lung and cardiovascular evaluation tools such as Smart VTI, Smart B-line, Smart IVC and Auto EF, can efficiently assist clinicians in monitoring the cardiac profile and fluid status of the patient.

For more information contact Mindray UK


SV Series Ventilators

A flexible and reliable ventilation solution for demanding environments. Equipped with a range of protective ventilation strategies and tools, such as Vt/IBW, C20/C, static PV Loop and lung recruitment tools including sustained inflation, the SV series effectively assists caregivers in assessing and treating patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

For more information visit our SV300 and SV600/SV800 solution page