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The new heart of connected monitoring


Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Royal Papworth’s new state-of-the-art hospital has been built on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, providing most patients with their own private, en-suite rooms. While there will be significant benefits in terms of patient privacy and infection control, monitoring patients in this single room environment required careful consideration.

To provide the highest levels of visibility and safety, the hospital has installed a vast quantity of connected Mindray patient monitoring, including: 400 BeneVision N series devices, 3 eGateways, 18 workstations, 5 central stations and 12 slave screens for the theatre department.

A key benefit for Royal Papworth is the ability for the N1 monitor to follow the patient throughout their care journey, helping ensure seamless data and patient safety at all times. When a patient is moved, the Mindray module simply unplugs from the side of the monitor and can be used as a transport monitor. It can then be ‘plugged’ into the host monitor at the bedside, in the new location, creating efficiencies, as there are less patient leads to disconnect, reconnect or clean.

“If you can achieve small time savings for each transfer, by not having to connect and reconnect the monitoring, the efficiency savings quickly add up.”

Eamonn Gorman, Chief Nursing Information Officer, Royal Papworth


The Solution


“We worked with Mindray to develop a slick and sensible monitoring setup, and the support that Mindray gave us was exemplary.”

Dr Florian Falter, Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Papworth


The hospital now has comprehensive patient monitoring, throughout the patient journey, reducing the gaps in data to ensure maximum patient visibility and safety. A winning combination of Mindray’s state-of-the-art technology, a flexible approach and willingness to go “the extra mile”, has resulted in high levels of clinical approval. Close collaboration with clinical partners at Royal Papworth will ensure the technology remains cutting-edge and evolves with the changing demands of the hospital for years to come.

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Published August 6, 2019